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CAS Overview

Streamline Admissions Process to focus on recruiting the best applicants.

Centralized Application Services

Designed for professional and educational associations to optimize and deliver to their member schools.

A complete solution that manages the administrative functions of the admissions process, freeing Admissions departments to focus on evaluations of and higher-level interactions with applicants. 

A comprehensive admissions management system

  • Software. Our online application allows students to apply to multiple schools at once.  Our admissions portal provides admissions offices with secure access to all applicant data.
  • Services. Our back office processing operation captures all elements of the applicant's package, whether in paper or electronic format, and transforms them into a workable digital format.  We verify transcripts, authenticate references and provide applicant customer service.  
  • Data. Our data and tools generate insight, enabling admissions departments to identify the right students for their school.  Programs can search, analyze, and report on hundreds of data points about each applicant.  Programs can generate customized GPAs, score applicants with their academic program's rubric, and maintain personalized workflows.  Once the process is complete, applicant data can be integrated into each school’s ERP system. 


For professional and educational associations:

  • Valuable Member Benefit—An Association-branded service for member programs to manage applicant admissions.
  • Trend data on applicants to your programs—Information to better understand your demographics; lobby for funding and advocacy; develop workforce projections, future trends, and recruitment; assess and compare data.

For admissions offices:

  • Drive application volumeMember programs have greater exposure to a larger application pool.
  • Back office processing, verification and integration services—We take care of the administrative tasks so you can focus on ‘real admissions work.’

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Power at your fingertips.

The CAS user-friendly modules allow each participant in the admissions process to focus on their needs. All modules are fully supported by our staff of technology and education experts.

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About Liaison

Liaison International provides admissions management solutions to more than 4,500 higher education programs. Over the last 20+ years, we have built strong relationships with educational associations and we power some of the most admired admissions offices in the country with our Centralized Application Service (CAS™) and UniCAS™ solutions. Our comprehensive software, integrated services, and data analytics platform are proven to remove administrative burdens, facilitate more powerful analysis of a program’s applicant pool, and enable experienced admissions staff to focus on the core responsibilities of recruitment and enrollment, to ultimately admit the best-fit applicants to their programs.